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coronavirus Key Information 2021 - 2022

Home Learning: Helpful Documents and Videos

YoutTube Safety Features

Our teachers have found some very useful content that will help children learn but it is on YouTube and YouTube should not be used by children independently under the age of 13. It is the advertisements and the videos that may automatically play after the clips shared by the teacher that we are concerned about as we have no control over this. However, we have found some safety guidelines to help you navigate this issue and keep your children safe online. Please have a look at the the links below and also the attached document. All of this information is also on the COVID-19 Key Information page on the school website. Please supervise your children if they are accessing YouTube or have the safety settings set up that we have outlined below.




SeeSaw Help Video

The video below helps you to make sure you have the correct app for SeeSaw and shows you how to upload your children's work. 

Please contact your class teachers if you have any issues with technology. You can do this via the SeeSaw message feature or the class email address. 

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