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Mr Mike Teinert

Mr Mike Teinert

Parent Governor – Mike Teinert

Mike has been a parent governor since November 2015 and has specific links to Year 4 (Mr Oliver) as their aligned support Governor.

Mike sits on the following committees

  • Finance and Resource
  • Outdoor Learning and Grounds
  • What experience does Mike bring to Governing our school?
    • Mike works outside of education in the private legal sector handling Commercial and Residential Property.
    • In this position, Mike has extensive knowledge of matters affecting the school grounds and infrastructure
    • Mike has a daughter (Grace) currently in year 4 and a son (Daniel) currently in year 2.
    • Mike has experience in working with high level management, business owners and local and national government officials in strategic and legislative planning

About me

I have two children who currently attend Woolston Community Primary School and having lived in the local area for a number of years, I considered it an important appointment to join the school body in helping it move forward and attain the “Outstanding” status which both the teaching body and students at the school deserve. In my spare time, I am a keen photographer and play ice hockey for a local team based in Widnes.

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